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Looking for a way to transform any room into a zen party? Our incense sticks are here to help! At 16cm long, these bad boys will last for 20min of peaceful bliss. Plus, with a 20 stick bundle, you'll have plenty to last you through even the most stressful of days. And let's talk scent, honey. We've got everything from calming lavender to invigorating rosemary. Oh, and did we mention these sticks are made with only the best natural ingredients? That's right, no sketchy chemicals here. Just pure, clean aromatherapy goodness.So go ahead, light one up and let the good vibes roll."
Each16cm incense stick burns for about an 30 minutes.

Each package of incense includes 20 sticks.

Incense sticks

SKU: ROSA6546514846158
22,78 CHFPreço
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