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Indulge in our heavenly blends for your yoni steam sessions. Each blend is handcrafted with love and packed with powerful herbs to support your divine feminine energy. Choose the blend that speaks to your inner goddess and let the magic unfold.


  • Vajra Vitality Blend: A powerful blend of herbs to invigorate and energize the pelvic region. Includes rosemary, ginger, and juniper berries.

  • Shakti Sensuality Blend: A sensual blend of herbs to awaken your feminine power and pleasure. Includes damiana, yarrow, and lavender.

  • Kali Cleansing Blend: A purifying blend of herbs to help release stagnant energy and emotions. Includes mugwort, calendula, and rose petals.

  • Durga Devotion Blend: A nurturing blend of herbs to help you connect with your divine feminine essence. Includes chamomile, nettle, and red raspberry leaf.

  • Tara Tonic Blend: A rejuvenating blend of herbs to support overall pelvic health and balance. Includes motherwort, marshmallow root, and lemon balm.


Each blend comes packed with 40g of herbs, which is perfect for 5 applications or 5 steamy dates with yourself.

Herbal steam blend

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